Tammy Tan

Co-Host of Lettuce Wrap

Tammy Tan is a homecook, world traveller, former high-tech engineer, and owner of Spice Hound, where she concocts unique spice blends and sources aromatic spices and salts from around the world.

She co-owns Kitchen 519, a shared-use commercial kitchen in the San Francisco Bay Area where she and her co-host Christine Doerr work with an exclusive and hand-picked group of talented food entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of culinary excellence (and record this podcast!).

Motivated by her extensive travels and passion for food, Tammy founded Spice Hound in March 2007 to introduce people to unique flavors and aromas through spices, selling at a kiosk in San Jose before moving into farmers markets, festivals and two retail stores. She is now predominently an online retailer.

Tammy Tan has hosted 28 Episodes.