Christine Doerr

Co-Host of Lettuce Wrap

Christine Doerr is a certified chef, professional graphics designer, and owner of NeoCocoa, where she creates luxurious, award-winning truffles, chocolates and other delicious treats.

She co-owns Kitchen 519, a shared-use commercial kitchen in the San Francisco Bay Area where she and her co-host Tammy Tan work with an exclusive and hand-picked group of talented food entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of culinary excellence (and record this podcast!).

Christine founded NeoCocoa in 2008, with the help of La Cocina, a non-profit incubation program that helps female food entrepreneurs start and grow their business. In the years since founding NeoCocoa, she has garnered some serious accolades. She was most awarded at the 2011 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon with multiple awards including Best Truffle and Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience. In 2011, she was honored with the distinction of being named a top 10 North American Chocolatier by Dessert Professional magazine. In 2016 the Toffee Nib Brittle won a Good Food Award and in 2017 the Black Sesame Seed Brittle won a gold sofi (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) from the Specialty Food Association.

Christine continues to expand her product offering beyond her initial “Hearts of Chocolate” line of ganache truffles, creating a variety of other chocolate confections including barks, toffees, and chocolate covered marshmallows. She also serves on the Chef’s Council at CCD Inovations Inc and the is on the Pastry Program Advisory Committee (PAC) at the International Culinary Center.

Christine Doerr has hosted 28 Episodes.