Episode 21

Cake Scraps and Hugs, with Kelly Zubal of Inticing Creations


October 12th, 2019

59 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

Kelly Zubal of Inticing Creations made a custom guitar birthday cake for Journey guitarist Neal Schon, and appeared on TV next to Martha Stewart. Now she’s here with us to talk about how she got started in her sculpted edible cakes career, her experiences as a “reality tv star”, and why her husband “Home Boy” Pete is her third favorite kitchen tool.

Kelly also tells us

  • Why 4 years La Cocina was “the best bootcamp”
  • How she “stumbled on” edible art as a business
  • Why not eating her sculptures “breaks her heart”
  • The origins of “Inticing Creations” as a name
  • Why she “redefined what success meant” to her
  • Why she did TV food shows, and why she doesn’t do more
  • What is was like being on TV with Martha Stewart
  • About lighting the fireworks on Neal Schon’s custom guitar birthday cake
  • The food she’d take a bath in.

Links and Show Notes

Our thanks to Kelly for joining us. You can find her at inticingcreations.com and on Twitter icon Twitter @kellyzubal.

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