Episode 24

My Medium, Not Your Medium, with Anucha Kongthavorn of Mae Krua


November 23rd, 2019

59 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

In 2007, Anucha Kongthavorn stepped off a plane in San Francisco from his native Thailand, and got a job cooking the same day. He's spent his career in the service industry, from restaurant busser to cruise ship butler, culminating in opening his own Thai food take out, Mae Krua. He joins us to talk about his journey, shares his philosophy on serving others, provides advice on starting a restaurant, and explains why his restaurant regulars asked about his emotions before ordering.

In this episode, he tells us

  • the origin of the name "Mae Krua"
  • how he got into the service business
  • the value of persistence
  • why he uses feeling and emotion when making food
  • how to recognize if you're in the wrong job
  • why thinking deeply about food is the first step of opening a restaurant
  • the impact of emotions on the size of a tablespoon
  • why he stopped using food delivery services like GrubHub
  • much, much more... we get philosophical on this one.

Links and Show Notes

Our thanks to Anucha for joining us. We wish him the best of luck in whatever he decides to do next.

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