Episode 17

BBQ is a Little Mystical, with Steven Hollifield of Seismic BBQ


August 10th, 2019

59 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

Steven Hollifield walked into a kitchen dish-pit, found it magical, and remained in food service his entire career. He now runs two kitchen-based businesses, Seismic BBQ and South Basin Kitchen, and joins us to discuss how he got his start, shares some sobering realities of owning a catering business in San Francisco, and of course, talks barbecue, from sauces to its place in American history. Learn about the value of a good partner, great suggestions for great meals, and why even the chefs at Michelin-rated restaurants go to... Taco Bell?

Links and Show Notes

Our thanks to Steven for joining us. You can find Steven at Seismic BBQ and South Basin Kitchen SF.

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